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Real Estate Staging

Inspire Staging Los Angeles is helping real estate agents make beautiful model homes for sale. Our interior designers and stage experts make each property “turn-key”, or “move-in ready” right away with the right look.

At first glance

In today’s competitive market in Los Angeles, your home needs stand out quickly. A buyer’s positive perception of your house is crucial and can happen once they open the door. The right staging can make that key difference.

How it works?

The staging process includes 3 steps: Consultation, On-site activities and Presentation. Our home staging experts will help you create spaces appealing to home buyers. Sell your property more swiftly and for more money.

Special Offers...

We offer a 20% discount on staging design and On-site activities for all returning clients. Please call us for our latest seasonal offer such as Christmas staging and holidays.

Our Services

We provide anything you need from the minute you think about listing your home for sale to the moment you walk in the door of your new home, with all these kind of services:

  • Occupied and Vacant Home Staging: We stage your home for sale or refresh your home to better enjoy living in it.
  • Closet Staging: Are you wondering among years of stuff in your closet? We can help you to orgnize your cloths, shoes and other things just for yourself. It’s kind of new start to feel organized again. This service inludes clean up, sorting items to Keep/Store and Donate.
  • Consultations: Personal and thoughtful service from start to finish. Our expert staff will research your market, visit your property, and take the time to explain what needs to be done to sell your property quickly.
  • Color Consultations: As a color consultant we will visit your home for a walk-through then put together a proposed palette, with ideas about placement, finishes and other factors, suggest specific paint colors and options for other surfaces.
  • Painting: During the process of staging, our painting crew can help you for the best quality exterior and interior painting.
  • Home Improvement / Renovation: If your home needs a new look in Kitchen, Bathrooms, Closet and other part of the property, We will help you with our licensed general contractor to do the job.
  • Re-Design: Once you have moved to your new home we can help you stage your space for living. Additional information and quote upon request.
  • Curb Appeal: With the help of our gardeners we can create a very welcoming curb appeal to your prospective buyers that invites them into your home.
  • Packing: We can help you pack. Many of your belongings can be packed, marked and labeled before you sell your home. You will receive a list of all the boxes, there where abouts and contents so if you do need anything, you will be able to find it quite easily.
  • Organizing: In order for your house to show well we need to organize it. An organized home has better energy and it seems more spacious. We will organize all your closets, cabinets, shelves and bookcases, garage and tool shed. We can also help you organize your home office and any other space you need help with. Once you have moved, our team can help you organize your new home.
  • Furniture Rental: We work with furniture rental companies. The reason for that is that every house is different and each house needs different furniture and rugs in different sizes, shapes, design and styles. We will match the best furniture, rugs, lamps and accessory for your home.
  • Fixing: We can help you with our handyman to do all the fixing for you.
  • De-cluttering: We will go through all your belongings with you and sort items into three piles: Keep/Store, Donate, and Sell.
  • Moving & Storage: Once your house has sold, we can help you with your move to your new home and/or to a storage facility.
  • Cleaning: Cleaning your house top to bottom is crucial when you are selling your house.
  • Fresh Air: It is crucial to clean and refresh your house from unpleasant odors. We will provide an air cleaning/purifying machine that will clean and purify your house air within 24 hours, leaving it with a fresh, crisp smell.
  • Music: On open house day we will provide music to be played. Music connects the senses and it is very important to give a welcoming feeling to your prospective buyers. Remember that they are buying with their emotions.
  • De-stage: We will remove all the rented accessories from your house.
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