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Welcome to our website! I'm Manoochehr Zandi, a 64-year-old individual passionate about providing assistance and valuable services to those in need.

With a wealth of knowledge from five different university degrees—business, architecture, marketing, investment, and negotiations—I bring a diverse skill set to help you achieve your goals.

My expertise spans various services, including:

  1. Credit repairs, collaborating with leading Credit Repair companies and their attorneys for personal and business credit improvements in the USA.
  2. Investments in imports & exports.
  3. Manufactured housing.

Trust Zandi Services to navigate the complexities of Credit Repair and ensure a successful resolution for your case.

How Long Does Credit Repair Take

Every situation is unique. Review your credit score with a credit consultant and find your starting point.

About Us: A credit score is not just a number, it’s a lifestyle.

About Zandi Services:

Established in 1995, Zandi Services has been dedicated to providing assistance to those in need of help.

Donations and Charitable Initiatives:

“My commitment to making a positive impact began in 1990, as I passionately contribute to various charitable causes worldwide. Starting in 2000, I’ve been a steadfast supporter of World Vision, offering monthly contributions to further their admirable work. Additionally, since 2020, I’ve extended my support to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, joining their mission to provide hope and healing to children battling serious illnesses. Furthermore, I’ve actively participated in the Sick Kids Foundation’s ‘Life for Kids Gala’ since 2005, as part of my ongoing dedication to improving the lives of children in need.”

Qualifications and Multilingual Expertise: 

Boasting five distinct degrees and fluency in three languages—Farsi, Spanish, and English—my ultimate objective is to assist individuals from diverse backgrounds who require aid.

Categories of Services: 

Our services encompass a wide range of categories, including Credit Repairs, Legal Assistance, Investment Consultations, and General Support Services.

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